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set in sydney, australia, milkshake! is a fresh and friendly real life rp that encourages wild and free rping and diversity! we're accepting of all players and characters from any background (treat others how you wish to be treated in return). You won't be judged for your plots, no matter how dark and messy they are or how cute and fluffy you want them to be c: come join us where you can just write!

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31 december 2017 is almost over and we'd just love to say thank you for giving us such a phenomenal time on milkshake! our family grows steadily and the plots get thicker - make sure you have a fun and safe new year's eve and we will see you all in 2018!

26 november activity check ends midnight december 3! click here!

november things are -sort of- back to normal after our fun halloween adventures! welcome to all our beautiful new members, we are having so much fun writing with you!

Shocktober! welcome to the spookiest of the months and milkshake meatshake's second halloween! We've got a bunch of fun spooky things for you to play with including post bingo, a pumpkin hunt and some games! get into the spirit and come up with a creepy name for your character and submit your favourite halloween songs for our playlist! All the details are right here, ghoulfriends!


23 august: a year ago today, zero came out of hiding and stopped stalking milkshake - she finally joined us! because max missed zero's bday this year, the second best date to celebrate zero's existence is the day she came into our lives! enjoy our shineeshake games!

14 august: today we're flipping out a quick little activity check! please read all the details here!

1 august: happy earth day nova milkshake! happy engagement zero!

1 june: ayo ladies & gentlemen, this is milkshake's one year anniversary! it's a massive milestone for a number of reasons, but most importantly it's very symbolic of the friendship and totally insane plots we have come up with over the last twelve months. thank you to everyone who has brought their sunshine and light to milkshake and jumped into all our adventures with us! we love you so much ♥

23 april HAPPY BIRTHDAY ZERO!!!! today our lil peppa was born and this gross world became so much brighter <33 have an amazing day beautiful, and know that we all love you!! <3

20 march come play our first monthly post bingo! lasting until the end of april!

11 march this month's of the whenevers are up! congratulations all our wonderful players c: you're the best!

1 march we are eight months old! thank you for everyone who has kept milkshake the amazing, friendly, safe place it is <3

21 Feb. nominate the OTMs which should be renamed the of the whenevers

1 Jan. Happy new year babies!

17 Dec. merry christmas friends! christmas is just next week so we're not going to do a MASSIVE event but there's still some fun things to do and don't forget to complete the activity check
09 Nov. Things are still a little spooky around here, but we're back to our regular milkshake flavour! Check out the latest announcement for some new things! Stay amazing, friends!

Oct. HALLOWEEN Things are getting pretty spooky around milkshake! MEATSHAKE! Stay tuned for mini events and games being progressively released in the lead up to our spookiest holiday!
28 Sept. HAPPY JAAN DAY! today we celebrate the day that jaan was born, just a few moons ago! thank you for being born, jaan, thank you for being on this planet with us and thank you for being our amazing lovebug who will only ever cheer us on and never hold us back. This day is for YOU, baby!!
01 Sept it's spring!
12 Aug. new skin! let us know if something is wanky!

please welcome jaan as our very first mod! thank you for stepping up to help us out <3

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» rules, please read
 Posted: May 24 2016, 07:55 AM
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About Milkshake

Milkshake was created by people who are just real sick and tired of the Roleplay Cliques, drama, and attitude of general sites. Milkshake aims to be an all inclusive, people-of-color, sexuality and gender fluid friendly, plot driven site that only accepts the happiest, kindest, and grandest writers. Any sort of rudeness, racism, intolerance, factioning, drama causing behavior will not be tolerated. We do reserve the right to kick anyone off without a single warning, for making any of our members feel uncomfortable. Of course, the severity of the action leads to the severity of the consequence. Milkshake is a safe place for many people and if you're someone who's also looking to leave the drama boat behind, feel free to peruse our rules and join our sweet family



Don't talk about fight club


Register with all lowercase, first last ie oliver kwon. Don't worry if you mess up, just holler at an admin and we'll fix it for you!


Avatars are 250x400. the gifs in your mini profile resize automatically but you should make sure they are square, or else your dimensions are going to start doing some real funky things that you won't be too fond of. If you have a problem with this, holler at an admin and we'll help you out!


Applications must be finished by 7 days or they will be archived. There is a 450 word count for your application; tell us about this wonderful character you're bringing into our world! Admin check the Application board daily, so when you finish your application, just bump it up and we will take a look as soon as possible!


Face claims can be reserved for 7 days. The age gap between your face claim and your character must be within five years, meaning, your character can be older than your face claim by five years or younger than your face claim by five years. This rule is to make sure that you don't request a certain character and get an actor that is way too young or too old to play them!


Face claims and characters must be over the age of 18. Face claims must also be famous; you can choose from models/singers/actors/comedians. We reserve the right to use our discretion to approve your face claim.

please make sure to claim your faces! if you forget and someone else claims the same face then you're going to have to work it out. the face claims is so important to keep updated, as it's one of the first things people look at when they want to join a site! please don't make it difficult and do your best to remember to claim your face! thanks c:


there is no limit on the amount of characters you may make here at milkshake!. we have recently abolished the post count rule, so make as many characters as you feel you can keep active. just remember the activity rules!


Activity makes roleplay fun! Please post at least once every two weeks in a real thread (comm threads do not count) per character to ensure that your character does not become inactive. Inactive characters have an opportunity to redeem their activity status, but their faces are fair game, so it's very important to keep up with this!

If you have found yourself with 6+ characters (it happens when you're here long enough, trust), the activity rules change to one rp post every 3 weeks - ie the more characters you have the more time you have to post with them all.


This site is rated M for mature, but not everyone is comfortable with that! For this reason, we ask you to please label your mature threads with [M] or [TW] (trigger warning) so that your curious shipper fans know what they're getting themselves into!


Drama is for your characters! Please do not godmode anybody's character or drag anyone's drama into the cbox! If you have a problem with anyone or anything that has happened on the site, please take it to one of the admin. RP is fun, creative, and explorative. In order to ensure your brain is getting as much creative partying done as possible, we want you to tell us about anything that is bothering you!

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