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 Get a Board!, for all your developmental needs
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direct link // May 29 2016, 10:59 PM
request a board!

Are there a lot of posts going on where your character lives? Do you need a dev board to post all your inspiration or bits and bobs? you can request a board for their place right here!

At MILKSHAKE we thought it would be nice for everyone to have their own little space to post all their developmental things. From ships to aesthetics to thread trackers to playlists - you can post anything you like in your very own board!

You can also request a board for your character's home (or place of employment?) if you've noticed there's a lot of threads going down there. Please don't request a board just for the sake of having one if there's really not a lot going on there, though (making a gazillion boards for them to not be used isn't the most fun thing to do)

To claim a board, just post in this thread. There's no form to fill out

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